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Hi there! My name is Lukas Heiland (. years old), currently doing my Master's thesis at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. I am a full-stack developer with keen interest in topics such as software architecture, Business Process Management, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Additionally, I have taken my first steps in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI, see my Bachelor's thesis).

When I'm not developing software, I do a lot of sports. During the winter I follow my passion for freeskiing, in the warmer months I mainly play soccer.


These are things I can do:

  • Programming languages:
    Javascript & Typescript
    HTML5, CSS3/SCSS/Sass
  • Tools:
    Apache Maven, npm
    AWS EC2
  • Frameworks:
    Angular, Vue.js
    Spring, Flask
  • Software/IDEs:
    Atlassian Jira, Confluence
    Github, GitLab, Bitbucket
    IntelliJ, Eclipse, VS Code


I had the pleasure of working on following projects:

A web-based route-planning application (Student project)

Over the time of one semester, groups of three students developed a web-based route-planning application.
Programming Languages/ Frameworks used:
Java, Spring Boot, HTML5, Javascript, Leaflet, OpenStreetMap, Git

Domain-Independent AI Planning for Demand-Side Management in Office Buildings
(Bachelor's thesis)

Commercial buildings, especially office buildings, are characterized by low energy efficiency. The aim of this thesis is to propose and develop an approach for improving energy efficiency in office buildings using a technology called domain-independent AI planning.

Domain-Independent AI Planning for Automated Deployments on the Cloud
(Research Project)

The task of this group project was to compare the performance of generic AI planners with Metis, a planner tailored to the domain of deployment problems.

Turn- und Sportverein
Ohmden 1900 e.V.

Since October 2015, I am the webmaster of my local sports club.
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11/2020 - today: M. Sc. Software Engineering, University of Stuttgart

Specialization in the fields of Cloud Computing, Loose Coupling and Message-based Enterprise Application Integration.

Grade (as of 08/2022): 1.7

10/2016 - 11/2020 B. Sc. Computer Science, University of Stuttgart

Bachelor's degree in summer term 2020. Bachelor's thesis Domain-Independent AI Planning for Demand-Side Management in Office Buildings at the Institute of Architecture of Application Systems at the University of Stuttgart.

Grade: 2.4

Schlossgymnasium, Kirchheim/Teck

Abitur (A-levels) in 2015.

Grade: 2.0